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Hayle Runners at Fowey Tunnel 10k

While many of us were relaxing on a beautiful Good Friday, a group of Hayle runners headed to Fowey Gig Club to complete the Fowey Tunnel 10K! The route took them through the Pinnock tunnel twice. This is the longest tunnel in Cornwall at just over 1km, and isn’t usually open to the public so it was a really good opportunity to experience something a little different.

The sunny weather on the day meant that the team were grateful for the shade. Even the water drips from the roof were welcomed as they kept everybody cool and refreshed during the run!

The runners from Hayle who completed the race were Frazer Humbles, Claire Stone, Susan Thomas, Theresa Clark, Sam Dixon, and Mike Wright.

Huge thanks to Fowey Gig Club for putting on such a lovely and unique event. We can’t wait to come back next time.