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All club coaches/leaders are DBS checked, have an active safeguarding qualification and are first-aid trained.

The Hayle Runners committee maintain our Club Standards score, and it’s reviewed on a regular basis.

Club coaches managed their groups to ensure all return safely and our typical running routes are risk assessed.

Accidents are reported and recorded if and when they occur. With changes made if patterns of accidents or injuries are evident.

We ask members to wear suitably reflective running gear and/or lights so they can be seen by traffic particularly on dark evenings. If you forget your reflective bib please tell your coach/leader as the club does hold a stock for temporary use.

The use of head phones is banned on safety grounds in the GP and MTRS series of races and in many other races too as runners cannot hear safety instructions from marshals.

The Club also discourages members from using them during club sessions or at the track.

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