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Donation to Hayle Foodbank

Hayle Foodbank is Hayle Runners’ chosen charity for 2023 in recognition of the current economic climate and its impact on everyone’s cost of living.

This week Hels Cattran-Dunlop and Melissa Nicholas, who raised over £800 by running the London Marathon, as well as Mike Wright, who has raised a sum by selling club buffs, paid the food bank a visit to let them know how much the club has raised so far this year. We’re proud to say this is a whopping £1674.97!

As well as Melissa, Hels, and Mike’s efforts, Hayle runners have raised money with our annual Mousehole lights run, New Years Day events, and individual donations. Members also bring donations of food and toiletries to our regular club runs on the first Tuesday of the month, which are then taken to the food bank. We’re very happy to be able to to do our part to support the local community and the fantastic work that the food bank is doing!