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HR at the FR KVK

The Freedom Racing ‘KVK’ stands for ‘Kilometre of Vert in Kernow’. The race involves 2 figure of 8 loops adding up to 1000m of total ascent over a 15-mile, predominantly-trail course starting at Perranporth airfield.

Saturday was a stunning day for a group of Hayle runners to take on this brand new route, and those who took part did amazingly. Steve Wherry stepped in for another runner, and joined Jacob Gardner to become the 1st place relay team with a combined time of 02:03:33.

Charlotte Bennett made a return to racing and, with Paul Atkinson, came in 2nd place as a mixed-relay team with a combined time of 02:25:19

Steve Fuller completed the full course solo in 02:21:18.

Stuart Lloyd Smith did it in 03:12:17, and Ian Earles finished in 02:40:09.

Two club members, Melissa Nicholas and Neil Hayhurst, also volunteered at the event, which is great to see.

Well done to everybody who took part, and thanks to Freedom for organising everything.

If you fancy taking on an event like this there’s a wealth of experience and support at Hayle runners. You are more than welcome to join us, whatever level you’re currently at!