Marazion 10k Results: View the results by downloading them.

The Malcolm Date Challenge

A massive well done to everyone to ran the Malcolm Date Handicap Race this morning at Marazion.

32 members ran the 10k race in various degrees of fancy dress, all with staggered start times (the fastest had to wait 46 minutes before they could start).

1st: Robert Bolitho as a Ghostbuster in 1:10:21

2nd: Andrew Searle as a 118 Man (daring to run in a previously banned costume but we let him get away with it as long as he kept hold of his moustache) in 1:13:36

3rd: Susan Thomas as Thing 1 in 1:16:17

Winner of the best dressed went to¬†Dan Hocking¬†for making his running difficult with a “Santa riding a reindeer” costume.

A special congratulations go to Phoebe Bradbury who completed the race having never run a 10k before.

Huge thanks to Phil Rowe and Fiona Ruetsch for helping with the timing and Jen from St Ives Bakery for the post run pasties (which went down a treat).