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Hayle Runners April roundup

April was a busy month which saw Hayle runners in action all over the UK and also internationally! From marathons to trail races, and just about everything in between, here’s a roundup of what our runners got up to.

Jemma Kearney and Bonnie Swan took part in the Clive Marsh Spring Warm Up Meeting in the 1kg discus event. Jemma took 6th place throwing 25.43 and Bonnie took 9th throwing 21.02.

A handful of runners travelled upcountry to run the Manchester marathon.

Ed Bennet – 3:04:27
Kelly Bills – 4:31:53
Curtis Hayes – 3:47:11

Trevor Cornish ran the Brighton marathon in 5:34:03.

A little closer to home at Reading, Julie Frost and Ian Curnow ran the Reading Half Marathon in 2:34:47 and 1:27:44 respectively.

A handful of runners travelled… slightly further afield to complete the Boston Marathon. Those runners were Paul Allan (4:19:12), Chris Barrett (03:32:00), and Corinne Gerrard (04:15:12).

James Manning travelled to Poland and completed the Krakow marathon in 3:54:45.

Shaun Roberts tackled the Blackpool Half Marathon in a time of 1:37:47.

Back on this side of the Tamar: Hels Cattran-Dunlop, Andrew James and Susan Thomas ran the Bodmin Beastie half marathon.

A group from Hayle took part in the Bys Vyken Run Like Hell race, which is 13km on the coast path from Hell’s Mouth out towards Portreath and back.

Helen Cattran 01:56:21
Tristan Davis 01:47:28
Simon Mayho 01:38:51
Ian Seabury 01:18:32
Tommy Temp 01:29:44
Susan Thomas 01:41:53
Julie Towers 01:33:26

St Agnes saw the return of the Salomon KvK. A challenging 15 mile route sees runners complete a two lap course featuring 1000 metres of ascent around the Beacon.

The race allows competitors to complete the route individually or as relay pairs.

Charles Simpson – 3:03:27
Charlotte Bennett – 2:39:59
Clem Mitchell – 2:32:32
Jon Savage – 2:55:13
Joseph Stanford – 3:50:15
Santino Mangion – 3:12:30
Stuart Smith – 3:05:19

Jacob Gardner and Steven Wherry – 2:06:27
Fiona Gamble and Liam O’Neill – 2:34:34