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Hayle Runners at the Truro Trail 10K

On Wednesday evening, 15 Hayle runners joined a field of over 250 total participants in the Truro Trail 10K, the penultimate race in the 23/24 MTRS series (time flies when you’re having fun).

The runners faced a tough multi-terrain course including numerous hills and everybody’s favourite set of steps. Fortunately, they were greeted at the finish line with a post-race pasty and beer to make up for it.

The men’s team, comprised of Neil Hayhurst, Liam O’Neill, Ian Curnow, and Jon Eldon, came fourth. While the women’s team came in 9th and was made up of Susan Thomas, Margaret Clark, Debbie Gossington, and Yela Müge Parsons.

Neil Hayhurst – 2nd – Men 40-44
Jon Eldon – 1st – Men 60-64

Well done to everybody who made the trip to take part and huge thanks to Bude RATs for putting on a fab event.

Margaret Clark – 1:13:58
Anne Cobell – 1:39:54
Ian Curnow – 0:50:55
Jon Eldon – 0:51:27
Debbie Gossington – 1:19:17

Neil Hayhurst – 0:46:09
Andrew James – 0:59:36
Will Luckhurst – 0:53:16
Yelda Müge Parsons – 1:22:06
Liam O’Neill – 0:47:24

Nicholas Peters – 0:53:47
Andrew Searle – 0:57:06
Kevin Silver – 0:55:12
Mark Squire – 1:21:36
Susan Thomas – 1:13:54