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Hayle Runners May roundup

Aside from taking part in GP and MTRS races (see our separate updates), our amazing members spent the month of May travelling the length and breadth of the country competing in everything from trail runs to triathlons in weather that ranged from blazing sunshine to apocalyptic rain.

Read on to see what they’ve been up to, and bear in mind that these are just the ones we know about – there are almost certainly more…

On the 5th of May, Julie Towers took part in the Hartland Hartbreaker Half, which is a 9-mile trail race, taking in the highlights of the Hartland Peninsula in Devon. Julie completed the race in 1:55:03.8.

May 7th saw a Hayle contingent in action at the Godrevy 10k, another off-road race covering coast path, beach, and cliffs. The Hayle runners were:

Charles Simpson – 00:54:00
Simon Barker – 00:55:58
Santino Mangion – 00:58:17
John Turtle – 01:00:11
Jerry Cartlidge – 01:01:33

On the 11th of May, Sophie Howard took on the Ultra Trail 50km race in Snowdonia, which she completed in a time of 10:52:39. The route comprises technical trails around, well, mountains and the slogan for the event is “beautiful beyond belief. Savage beyond reason”, which really says it all.

On May 18th Fiona Gamble, Helen Knowles, Anne Cobell, Andrew Searle, and Rosie Whitton took part in the Copper Trail Coast to Coast race, which sees runners cross Cornwall from Portreath on the north coast to Devoran on the south. They completed the 11.5 miles route in:

Fiona Gamble – 1:35:14
Helen Knowles – 1:43:41
Rosie Whitton – 2:18:56
Anne Cobell – 2:53:14

A few people from Hayle headed up to Bristol on May 19th to take part in either the Bristol 10K or the Bristol Half. Taking part in the 10K were Kirsty Medlock (45:42) and Kate Krehan (1:02:45). Jenny Buckland (2:08:26) and Suzie Smith (03:06:33) both took on the half marathon.

Also on May 19th, Curtis Hayes was up north completing the Chester half marathon in a time of 02:09:15.

On the same day, Tom Rosenfeld took part in the 51Fiver Cotswold Standard Triathlon, completing the race in a time of 2:04:29 and coming first in his age category.

On the 25th of May, there were lots of Hayle Runners taking part in the Classic Quarter, a trail race from Lizard Point to Lands End, which translates to running 90 degrees of the compass, hence the name. This can be run as an individual, as part of a pair, or as a four-part team, and Hayle made appearances in every one of those categories. Most notably, Hayle won 1st in the relay!

It was also Andrew Pariossen’s first ultra, and he took an incredible 4th place in the solo event. Melissa Nicholas also came in as 10th woman home in the solo race, which is brilliant work.

But really, to have taken part at all is an incredible achievement so well done to everybody who did so. Full results can be found on the Endurance Life website.

The 26th of May saw runners from Hayle in action at both ends of the country. Andrea Simmons (1:54:27), Julie Towers (1:49:18), and Hels Cattran (2:33:02) all took on the Great West run in Exeter.

And, at the same time, Steve Maclaren and Jackie Stone travelled all the way to Edinburgh to run the marathon and half marathon respectively in “biblical rain”.

Despite the tough conditions Steve completed the marathon in 03:59:26, and Jackie completed the half in 2:19:39.