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Exploring the rivers, lakes and waterfalls of Looe

Looe 10 Miler is renowned for being ‘hillish and hellish’ and yesterday’s weather conditions made it, well, even more hellish than usual for the 31 Hayle runners who ventured up through torrential rain to take on the “undulating” (to say the least) course on Sunday morning.

The route takes runners through West Looe and out towards Talland on the coastal road. This is followed by a loop around the Killigarth, Porthallow area, before heading back down to Talland and the last stretch before the finish.

The women’s team did phenomenally well, taking first place. A huge well done to Melissa Nicholas, Melodie Manners, Corinne Gerrard Debbie Harrison-Webb, Andrea Simmons, and Zoe Renowden.

The men’s team, comprised of Jacob Gardner, Neil Hayhurst, Dominic Turton, Liam O’Neill, Mark Williams, and Tim Twiggs, also did brilliantly, coming in second place overall.

Melodie Manners – 2nd – Women 35-39
Corinne Gerrard – 3rd – Women 50-54
Andrea Simmons – 2nd – Women 65-69
Neil Hayhurst – 1st – Men 40-44
Mark Williams – 3rd – Male 55-59

“In conditions that could be politely described as “hideous,” our runners acquitted themselves well in the team results, with the ladies team earning first place and the men’s team earning second place. As usual, local support on the route was out in force, with many supporters offering runners tuck-shop favourites which we all very much appreciated. The river running down past Talland Church, a little less so.”

Richard Collett
Club Chairman

Huge thanks to Looe Pioneers for putting on a great event, and a massive well done to everybody who took part in the race yesterday. Hopefully you’ve all dried out by now.

A huge well done as well to Rosanna Whitton, who completed the Brighton Half Marathon yesterday. Incredible effort.

Andrea Simmons – 01:36:14
Andrew Searle – 01:24:03
Anthony Burrows – 01:46:05
Charles Homer – 01:37:03
Corinne Gerrard – 01:28:52
Darren Uren – 01:22:07
Debbie Harrison-Webb – 01:30:20
Dominic Turton – 01:10:00
Fiona Gamble – 01:46:04
Helen Cattran-Dunlop – 02:18:03
Ian Curnow – 01:21:47

Jacob Gardner – 01:07:04
Julie Bolitho – 02:10:53
Kelly Bills – 01:45:07
Kevin Silver – 01:31:07
Liam O’Neill – 01:16:17
Luke Bradford – 01:34:48
Margaret Clark – 01:55:44
Mark Williams – 01:18:29
Martin Curtis – 02:04:38
Melissa Nicholas – 01:22:18
Melodie Manners – 01:26:10

Neil Hayhurst – 01:08:47
Nicholas Peters – 01:23:03
Paul Gough – 01:23:48
Richard Collett – 01:48:19
Robert Bolitho – 02:21:47
Stuart Smith – 01:35:27
Theresa Clark – 02:19:29
Tim Twiggs – 01:20:36
Zoe Renowden – 01:36:56