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18 miles of coastal fun at the Cousin Jack

Despite horrendous conditions on the coast path, eleven brave Hayle Runners gave the Cousin Jack a go on the 2nd March.

The 18 mile, mostly coastal route, takes place between St Just and St Ives and features everything from mud, bogs, rocks, boulders, tarmac, sand, water and yet more hills and on top of that is a cut-off to keep the pressure on.

Chris Brown – 03:30
Robert Bolitho – 06:52
Jenny Buckland – 06:35
Steve Fuller – 03:16
Debbie Gossington – 06:35
Yelda Muge Parsons – 06:50
Jon Savage – 05:05
Charles Simpson – 05:05
Stuart Smith – 05:05
Susan Thomas – 06:35

A huge thanks to Bys Vyken Events for putting on such a successful and challenging event.